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Frequently Asked Questions about Photographers & Videographers

We get asked a ton of questions regularly from potential customers and existing customers. Photography sometimes seems like a daunting task for some. This is why we have compiled a list of questions we receive often and answer them to the best of our abilities. We would like this blog to make you feel more comfortable with our company and services as a whole. We understand that these may not suffice to answer all of your questions, which is why we urge you to reach out for any questions comments or concerns!

Here are a few questions we thought might be productive and helpful for anybody looking to work with a photographer. These are the questions you should be asking:

Q: Does your company provide videography services?

A: Yes we do! We have created videos for past customers for various events and gatherings. Feel free to see our work with client videos!

Q: Do you prepare before shooting at a venue or location?

A: Every location is different and needs to be scouted prior to the shoot to find the best angles, shots, and views. We make sure to arrive at a location well in advance to analyze the location and begin to picture where the shots would look best and align best with your visions and ideas.

Q: Do you deliver every shot you take at the shoot?

A: We do not. Once an event is over, we come back to our office and begin to work on picking photos. We do this to eliminate any images that may not reach our standards of photography. We will sometimes have photos that were taken twice, not in perfect focus or low lighting. This practice is to ensure that we delete the photos that are not up to standard, and focus only on the shots that we can edit and create amazing pictures with. This is mainly to preserve and maintain our reputation of quality and assurance.

Q: Do you provide a partial day or half day coverage?

A: Yes, often we see customers wanting to only photograph or record a portion of an event or day. This is why we offer plans according to your needs and wishes. Previously, we have made hourly arrangements, fixed prices on certain hours, and even a la carte services based on your coverage needs. We want this to be a pleasant experience for you and aim to service your event, wedding, or gathering for as long as you need/want.

Q: How do you deal with low lighting?

A: We have faced situations where the venue or location had dim lighting which makes taking pictures much more difficult. However, we usually have two options, which are, bringing in lighting to the location or working with the apertures as low-light settings.

Q: Do you edit or “touch up” photos after the shot?

A: After every single shot we make sure to go back to our office and work on the photos we have taken. We want to ensure that the photos we take look the best they can be and use editing to enhance them. This allows us to quality check the photos we take before we send them to you so you never receive a poor photo. These touch-ups may be minimal, but slight adjustments to your photos can make the world’s difference!

Q: What exactly is “touching up photos?”

A: This is a term many consider as a “Post-Production.” This standard application is the process of PicaBoost taking a photo and making changes to enhance photo quality, clarity, and presentation. Post-production varies greatly based on the photo taken and the quality of the picture. Some examples of imperfections that the post-production can fix or erase are:

- Removal of blemishes

- Removal of fly-away hairs

- Correct lighting and aperture

- Adjust scenery and shadows

- & More

If you have more questions to ask us feel free to comment them down below and we will make sure to answer them as quick as possible. We are here to provide value and help out the fellow community. If this is your first time here, make sure to check out our work with previous customers!

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