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Soon-To-Be Bride? You Will Want To Read This.

Weddings are a beautiful gathering of people for the main goal of supporting and witnessing the moment of two individuals taking the vow to begin their journey in life together. As a photography and videography company, we have seen a significant amount of weddings. We are tasked with the job of capturing these magical moments for our customers so they can share this for years to come. We see the beauty every single time so we have a great deal of experience.

For all future brides, we understand that a wedding is a very big deal. You are probably searching website after website and downloading dozens of wedding planning apps to help you prepare. We understand that there is a plethora of information out there to look at and research, so we decided to get insights first hand. After multiple discussions with brides we have worked with in the past, we have found that there are certain things that they wish that they did differently. Today, we want to help share this information with you.

1) Take pictures. Then take some more.

This was interesting to discover mainly because we take all of the photos. However, what we have found is that brides want to be more involved with the photos and take more with their guests. Often, brides feel so overwhelmed and stressed from the reception, planning, greetings, and tasks that must be done during the wedding. Many brides wish that they took more time out of their wedding to specifically take photos.

This is completely understandable considering how hectic a wedding can be from start to finish. Sometimes taking a step back to relax and snap a few extra pictures might be in your best interest. This way you can look back at your wedding and see a large collection of photos that you took with the people you wanted. It’s a one-time event, make sure you get all the photos you want taken!

2) Inspiration & Vision

Make sure that you have a specific vision or inspiration you would like your wedding to look like. You will spend months and months looking for the perfect venue, flowers, plates, tables, decorations, and food. Make sure that you spend a great deal of time focusing on your vision to ensure that you do not change your mind half way in. If you can find the exact vision you have for the wedding, it will be easier to plan everything and ensure that your efforts are all given to turn that vision into a reality.

If you are someone who often visits blogs, Pinterest, Instagram, or bridal mags, you should try to find an idea that you would like to follow. Often brides decide on a particular vision, but are quick to change their mind as time progresses. It’s difficult to pick something so early in the process, however, the less you change your plans the higher your chances are for everything to go without a problem.

3) Create a Vision Board for Photos

This tip is from both our company and brides we have worked with. When working with brides we usually want to get to know you and ensure that your big day progresses closest to how you want it to. We have found that creating a vision board or a mood board is the best approach to this. We want to see the vision you have for the photos to be taken during your wedding. Brides love to go through countless pictures on Pinterest and Instagram because it gives them an idea of what they do and do not like.

Creating a vision board will allow for you to bridge the gap between the photographers and yourself. Here’s a quick example:

4) Use One Photography and Videography company

Brides stressed the importance of using one company for the process. This is because two separate companies working on one vision together can lead to confusion, lack of communication, and pricing.

Often we see that there is confusion in the two companies working separately due to a lack of communication and vision.

One company has a specific vision that they took from meeting with the bride, while the other company had a completely separate one. To ensure this does not happen, try to hire one company to take care of all of the work. This will also increase accountability at the end.

Brides have found that with a single company, you are able to get a much better deal with the package discounts that these companies give for a larger package. Most photography companies will work with you on the pricing if you select more services for them to help you with.

Need help at your wedding? Contact us today!

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