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Photography In A Nutshell

3 Elements

· Visualization

· Capture

· Modify

Being a photographer for quite some time, I have learned a great deal of information that photographers could truly relate to. I’ve done photography in Virginia for over 10 years and have realized a few crucial parts to photography that I would love to share with any readers. This is not geared towards photographers alone, but also the individuals looking to possibly hire a photographer for a wedding, event, or real estate needs. I want to shed some light on the idea of photography and want it is in a nutshell.

With that being said, I think that it is important to understand the technical side of photography. The basics of working the camera, adjusting aperture and focus, etc. Now, although the technical components of photography are important, I have realized that true photography needs to have a creative mind in order to capture those special moments that really matter. The three core principles or elements that I personally have been perfecting is the visualization, capture, and modify elements. When it comes to photography those three are the core elements of capturing the perfect picture that can really speak to you and tell you a story.

A photographer can know the technical aspects of taking a picture, but the most important element is the foresight to see the possibilities of what can become a true quality picture. What I mean is, if you cannot picture the moments and capture them as they occur, then no editing can re-create that moment. Let me explain.

1) Visualization

Visualization is probably the most important portion of photography depending on the type of work you wish to capture. When it comes to real estate, you need to understand which angles will make the home look like a million dollars. Two people can take a picture of the same room but have completely different angles that may make the room look better or worse. Now, although real estate does not require too much creativity and visualization, something like event and wedding photography does. When we attend weddings and have an idea of the location, we instantly begin to visualize the shots that we would like to take. The angles, lighting, and stances are all important factors when taking photographs.

2) Capture

You have probably heard the term “candid photography” which is widely popular nowadays. The hype around this specific type of photography is the ability to capture a real moment as it happens without acting or staging a shot. The difference between candid photography and traditional shots are night and day because the candid shots are seen as more natural and authentic as opposed to a staged shot taken. Being able to put your visualization into action and capturing those special moments are crucial in photography. Taking a posed photo may not require as much skill and vision, however, when working to capture candid photographs, the visualization and capturing work hand in hand. This allows for the genuine and special photographs that you are looking for.

3) Modify

Although this element may seem minuscule, it is the final step that really makes or breaks the photographs. Every photographer sees his or her photographs as art. We may take 100’s of photos for a particular event, but only like 30-60 of them. This is because photography is very particular and requires a lot of precision. Photos may seem great to the naked eye, but the slightest bit of focus or lighting loss may cause the photo to have less quality than intended. Once I select the photos that make the cut and that are absolutely perfect, the real beauty begins. Every photo needs to be adjusted and worked on even if it is just a slight touch up. The slightest bit of detail can turn a mediocre photograph to a stunning one.

I have been in the photography business here in Virginia for quite some time and see and learn something new every day even though I have been doing this for a very long time. This allows me to share this information with my community and explain some of the work that we do on a day to day basis. If you would like to learn more or have an event coming up, feel free to reach out to us!

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