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Why Companies Need Photographers

Photography is often associated with weddings and event planning, yet we receive many inquiries regarding photography for businesses and business owners. Although many see photography as an unnecessary expense for their company, we are here to tell you exactly why it is imperative that you begin to think of photography and videography for your business. It is difficult to believe that quality photography might be a tool necessary for your business considering many of us try to cut costs that are not directly correlated to getting new customers or having a direct return on investment for their business. However, this blog post will shed some light on why this may not be true.

Although we all may be tempted to create photos or just snatch a few stock photos, it may be in your best interest to incorporate a photography budget while considering your journey to grow your business. High-quality photography is a necessity and an asset that will contribute to the success of the company in the long term. Today we will discuss the three ways that this may be applicable and beneficial to you and your business regardless of what industry you are in and what you sell. Here are three reasons why you need to think about investing in high-quality photography.

1. Content is King

Since the beginning of the .com era, business has been shifted from in person, to online. The consumers shifted their interest and time from the traditional forms of media to the computers where they could surf the web for everything and anything. In today’s world, we are living through the era of social platforms controlling the perception of the everyday masses. Platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter have become a dominant force in business and branding. Your brand is digital and in full color via images and videos. Consumers in today’s world are now using these platforms to understand, communicate, and make decisions based off of what they see online.

This “content” is what allows your brand to become more engaging and friendly towards potential customers. When you have photography the conversation isn’t just about selling them your services but also incorporates a side of a personality for your brand.

2. Customers are looking for a brand

When consumers are looking for a new company to work with or purchase from, they often want to understand the brand before they purchase. When someone visits your website, social platforms, or even see your printed brochures, they will use the text, but also the photography to understand what type of company you are. We always say that a picture speaks a thousand words, and this is the perfect example of how this applies. When someone visits your website and only see stock photos, they are inclined to think that you are just like everyone else; another company not invested in their digital presence.

You can never know exactly what influences a customer to make a purchase decision, but when you incorporate a strong brand with proper photography and videography that can tell a story, you are more likely to influence them. Show new customers who you are and what your brand is really about. A video that contains the company members talking about their experience and how great your company will become more fruitful than the traditional picture you save from the internet and post on your social media or website.

3. It’s become necessary

Before when television and radio were the main platforms it was only imperative to create meaningful content when you were advertising. However, in today’s age, every single day is another day for advertising with your online presence. It takes one picture or video on one of your platforms for a customer to make a decision that will either pique their interest or turn them away from your business. We have often seen the power of one photograph peak the interest of an individual enough to inquire about the services that we provide. Everything you post or say has the potential to be heard by thousands of people. Make sure that you are giving your potential customers the right message and not one that will cost you leads or sales.

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